With the advent of mobile technology, event organisers may now provide an event app to improve attendee experience during events. Mobile applications are great tools to accommodate user input and networking. Events in the past were distinctly one-way engagements where speakers would speak to an audience.

While there were some avenues for the audience to participate in forums, events technology has transformed the way attendees look at events today.

event app

Here are 7 features of an event app that would convince you to use one for your next event:

1.) An Event app mobile can be used offline

One good feature of a mobile app is that it can be used offline. While using your event website is a good way to engage your target audience, they will need to be connected to the internet when they want to access event information. An event app, however, can be simply downloaded to any mobile device. Once installed, it will have various functions that attendees can enjoy before, during, and after an event.

2.) An event app for iPhone shows event details

As mentioned in the previous item, an event app for iPhone can be used offline and acts as a portal to your event. Through the app, your attendees will have access to important event information such as the venue, speakers, sponsors, and even the attendee guest list. Why would you want to let your attendees know who are coming to your event? It acts as a reinforcement for them to know who they can network with during your event. It’s also re-assuring that they are going to an event where they may know some people.

3.) An iPad event app facilitates speaker evaluation

Another function of  an iPad event app is that it facilitates attendee feedback for speakers. In any event, the value that speakers bring is considered the top selling point. A good way for you to gauge if your attendees have enjoyed a talk is by allowing them to drop comments for speakers through a mobile app. This will give you the opportunity to assess your speakers objectively and know them from an attendee stand point. This way, you would know if you should be re-inviting them to your future events or not.

4.) An event app delivers push notifications

Push notifications are common features of mobile applications. Through the use of an event app, you may deliver event notifications to your attendees – especially if they have a special schedule to follow. This is very useful for conferences where they can schedule private meetings with other attendees through a matchmaking solution. Push notifications will remind them  in advance to be present at a meeting.

5.) A social event app supports networking

Attendee networking is supported if you are using a social event app. One of the main reasons why attendees come to events is that it allows them to network with prospective investors or connections that can help with their endeavours. For business conferences, this is a very important feature since your attendees would want to take advantage of a promising delegate base. Through a mobile app, attendees can use a matchmaking solution that would allow them to set meetings at a specific time and venue (within the same facility) with co-attendees. Furthermore, attendees can also become part of communities through an event application. Communities engage your attendees even when your event has already ended by fostering an environment of people with the same interests.

6.) An event application syncs with desktop software

An event app is always current by being synced to desktop software. If the app is part of a bigger event management software, it will be automatically updated once there are any changes pertaining to event details or your guest list. This keeps your attendees always in the know. Should you have announcements as well, you can easily channel them through the mobile application.

7.) An event application can be utilised for live Q&A and polls

Last but not the least, an event app may also enable your attendees to participate in specific activities such as Q&A and polls. These are important engagement activities during your event to encourage participation from the audience. Events today are platforms for two-way communication where it’s not just the speakers who have something to bring to the table. Your attendees can now participate in live polls and log questions through the app that they want to be addressed by the speakers.

8.) An event app can reduce paper

As all the attendees have access to program of activities, venues facilities, and all data, you can eliminate printed materials like program, budge identification,…


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