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Event Planning Tools

Among the many folks, you might have heard that planning an event is one of the most stressful jobs. In fact, it is difficult, but everything that comes with problems always have a solution handy. You might be needing the superpower skills of practicing multitasking. For this reason, many tools are there for your help, which lets you finish the mundane event planning.

You need to gear up yourself to spot out what issues bother you, focus on the problems rather than managing tools. The only need is to select the more appropriate tools from the long list.


Attendees Registration Tool

In any event management business, clients or customers are the pivotal point. A healthy customer relationship is a must, and it needs organization software like Salesforce and Hubspot. One might think of this tool is suitable for managing not only the relationship with the partners but also the opportunity to manage attendees. The organizer gets a chance to provide a single-stop registration and ticketing to its attendees.

You can even choose EventsCase for your ticketing and registration as this app helps people from Facebook and Instagram to register them using an easy interface. With it, you have additional information like visual analytics and reports that can give an insight into the attendees.


Its easier to get known to the potential attendees, but it is extremely important to get connected with them through email. For this, you can use MailChimp and Emma to accelerate the connection process. With these, you can avail a number of benefits including

Well-formatted emails to market your brand.

Categorize your contact lists ( usual attendees, only registered attendees, attendees who repeat). Assisting you in sending emails as per category to target the needs of the groups.

Set time by automating the emails.

Assistance in Event Vendors

And there is a long list of things to do in event planning. By using the Trell app, you can track your vendors marking them with titles like: contract placed, negotiating, and still locating.

Map Out Every Detail

You might be in need of a tool to help you give one platform for everything. SocialTables is one such event planning tool that assists in diagramming the event, attendees’ check-in, and managing the guests. You can get help by making visual settings to the seating orders, for instance.

With these and many other apps, you can get assistance in handling extreme pressures while arranging an event.

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